Not ready for 2015 Edition ONC ATL-ACB?

SLI Compliance offers the following preparation services for the ONC Health IT Certification Program:


Mt. Everest Package

We understand the Health IT Certification program can be complicated and often times confusing, which is why our team of experts is here to walk you through the process.

The Mt. Everest Package is a full support service designed to assist you in preparation of ONC Certification testing with our ONC-ATL team. This package includes a detailed walk-through of ONC resources, guidance/requirements, factsheets, test methods, and associated tools; as well as the ACB certification program’s ongoing requirements.

The Mt. Everest package provides step-by-step guidance of our ATL Vendor Start-Up Packet, including required ATL documentation and forms.  A SLI Compliance ATL team member will assist you in the completion of each required item in the ATL Vendor Start-Up Packet prior to your ATL testing engagement.

Pre-Certification Testing

SLI Compliance offers Pre-Certification Testing services for Health IT products. We are poised to assist companies that are unsure if they’re ready to embark on the full-blown ONC certification process.

Why Pre-Certification Testing Services?

SLI Compliance ATL Test Team follows the same process as the official testing for ONC ATL-ACB engagement, with exception of requiring the official documentation and final reporting to the certification body. Pre-Certification Testing includes:

**This is a separate service offering, not part of the official ONC-ATL testing.

3rd Party Assessment Testing Services

As program rules and requirements change, vendors may need assistance in testing to ensure their product meets the necessary criteria for certification. SLI Compliance can help vendors gain a high level of confidence in their product(s) and assist with verifying conformance to the ONC Health IT Program criteria by performing an Independent 3rd Party Verification.

SLI’s knowledgeable staff can provide 3rd Party testing against the approved ONC criteria, provide valuable feedback and help vendors understand exactly where their product stands.

3rd Party verification is independent of testing for ONC Health IT Certification but will provide you with the necessary information about your product and assurance the product is ready for certification.

**This is a separate service offering, not part of the official ONC-ATL testing.