Just a reminder, the quarterly attestation reporting is a continued requirement of the ONC Certification Program.  Quarterly reporting is not replaced by the new bi-annual attestation requirement which starts April 1, 2022.

Per the ONC , the SLI Compliance ACB will continue with the quarterly attestation process, providing all SLI Compliance ACB clients a template for reporting, and will still be responsible for reviewing the report(s) each quarter and tracking them per the ONC certification program.

For those new to the quarterly attestation reporting with SLI Compliance, our ACB team sends out an email toward the end of each quarter with quarterly attestation template, instructions, and the due date. Once the form is completed, please send the quarterly report to  ACB@slicompliance.com or post it to the portal.

Bi-annual reporting is separately required for the Attestation Maintenance of Certification in the ONC Certification Program.

Per the ONC, each Health IT developer of a certified product must attest twice yearly for purposes of compliance with the Conditions and Maintenance of Certification requirements.

The first attestation will begin April 1st and be accepted through April 30th.  Please don’t wait until the last minute as the ACB is required to review this and any issues will be returned to you for clarification prior to April 30th.

The process for the bi-annual attestation will be completed through the ONC CHPL. The ONC will provide access and instructions to complete the bi-annual attestation form on the CHPL.

If you didn’t receive your CHPL Account Invitation from ONC_CHPL@hhs.gov  to access the CHPL, please let us know and we will contact the ONC.