Health IT developers are required to complete both quarterly attestation reports and bi-annual attestations. These are two separate ONC requirements that must both be completed by Health IT developers.

Quarterly Attestation Reports 

Completed after the end of each calendar quarter 

The quarterly attestation report is used to report any adaptations or updates made to the certified product during the quarter, as well as to inform the ACB of any complaints, nonconformities, or product changes that have not already been reported. At the end of each calendar quarter, the ACB team will send out an email with the quarterly attestation report template, instructions, and due date. The Health IT developer should thoroughly complete the quarterly report form and either email it to or post it to the customer portal. The ACB is responsible for reviewing the reports each quarter and tracking them per the ONC Certification Program requirements. 

Bi-Annual Attestation 

Completed on CHPL two times per year, in April and October 

Bi-annual attestation reporting is required for the Attestation Maintenance of Certificationin the ONC Certification Program. Per the ONC, each Health IT developer of a certified product must attest twice yearly for purposes of compliance with the Conditions and Maintenance of Certification requirements. 

The first attestation window each year is April 1-30 and the second attestation window is October 1-30. The bi-annual attestation will be completed by the Health IT developer on the ONC CHPL website. The ONC will provide access and instructions to complete the bi-annual attestation form on CHPL. After the Health IT developer has completed the bi-annual attestation on CHPL, the ACB is required to review the attestation. If there are any issues, the ACB will notify the Health IT developer to correct the issues on CHPL. Please don’t wait until the last minute to complete the attestation since the ACB review must be completed and any issues addressed prior to the end of the attestation window. 

If you didn’t receive your CHPL Account Invitation from to access CHPL, please let the ACB know and we will contact the ONC.