As the world responds to the global health crisis posed by COVID-19, SLI Compliance® continues to prioritize the health and safety of our team members, their families and all of our partners and customers.

I’d like to share the immediate measures taken in response to the pandemic, as well as what we’re doing as the situation continues to unfold. Our focus is on protecting our employees and communities while maintaining business continuity and integrity.

First, we are following all governmental directives as they are announced, including recommendations and guidelines disseminated by WHO, the CDC, and other health organizations.  Further, all employees who may have come into contact with a potentially infected person, are feeling unwell, or who may be at higher risk of having their health impacted by the virus are immediately sent home with instructions to remain isolated.

We have over 100 team members in our Colorado office and have been able to continue work through a combination of remote work and a limited on-site presence under very controlled circumstances to protect employees’ health. This has allowed us to avoid interruption of essential services and maintain workflow.

We do, however, anticipate government regulation regarding on-site work. Because of this, we have begun transitioning all employees that can work remotely to remote work and will continue to leave essential personnel in place on-site if it is safe and legal to do so.

In order to protect the safety of our employees that remain on-site. It is important for you to know:

  1. We will not have any in-person meetings at any location. This includes meetings with clients or between SLI Compliance employees. Instead, we will use video conferencing effective immediately.
  2. All business travel has been suspended.
  3. Our office continues to have a daily cleaning regimen to ensure that all exposed surfaces are disinfected.
  4. We have given our employees extensive information on how to protect themselves.
  5. We will continue to receive packages and drop-offs at our office; however, such deliveries will be effectuated with the appropriate social distancing that is required for safety.

Other steps that we have taken or will continue to take:

  1. We are working to determine if requirements can be waived so that we may work remotely as we test voting equipment, as all Health IT testing is already conducted remotely.
  2. We may ask for vendor approval to take equipment off-site so that testing may continue and will do so in jurisdictions where this is allowed.
  3. Our robust IT systems that are powered by back-up generators, including those systems that we host for our Voting System Test Lab (VSTL), our Authorized Test Lab (ATL) and Authorized Certification Body (ACB), are secure and working without any interruption. Our Information Technology teams are considered essential personnel and are performing their duties without interruption. We continue to monitor all our systems against security threats and will ensure that any of our workstations operating remotely have the appropriate level security precautions.
  4. We have deployed a robust system that allows for nearly all our staff to work remotely while having secure access to all our computing capabilities that staff would have if they were in the office.

We will continue to do everything we can to ensure there is no business impact to our clients while making sure that every team member and their families are safe.

We ask that you continue to reach out to SLI Compliance should you need any assistance so we may serve you the best we can. Our team takes pride in its ability to perform during the most difficult situations, and we are thankful for the responsible and tenacious way they are reacting to this crisis. In the meantime, we will keep your health and well-being in the forefront of our thoughts as we hope you will do with our valued team members.


Traci Mapps

Director of SLI Compliance

SLI Compliance® “A Division of GLI LLC.”