ACB Certified Product Update:

SLI Compliance offers certified product update services for those products for which SLI Compliance has provided the 2015 Edition ONC-ACB Certification. This allows the client to add criteria to their current 2015 Edition certified product. The fees for a certified product update include testing and certification review of the additional criteria; fees are determined by the size and complexity of the criteria selected in the updated product scope. The certified product will be posted on the CHPL with the additional scope, same CPHL ID.

Rebranding of a Certified Product:

Client may sell the same certified product under a different product name, with no changes to product functionality.  The Client will need to complete the rebranding process with the ONC-ACB, which includes the certified product to go through an ACB review with new name and will be issued a new CHPL certification ID.   The product rebrand will be posted on the CHPL with the new product name and certification ID.