Health IT Developers need to be aware that the new Cures Update criterion, 170.315(b)(10) Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export, is required to be certified for applicable products in 2023 as part of the ONC Certification Program.

New (b)(10) Criterion:

A Health IT developer will need to include the new Cures Update criterion (b)(10) Electronic Health Information Export in their scope if EHI is stored in or by the certified Health IT Module or in or by any of the other “non-certified” capabilities of the health IT product of which the certified Health IT Module is a part.

The (b)(10) Electronic Health Information Export criterion replaces the (b)(6) Data Export criterion. However, Health IT developers must certify to (b)(10) if EHI is electronically stored even if the product has not been certified to (b)(6).

ONC Deadline 12/31/2023:

Health IT developers must provide customers with the (b)(10) capabilities and have the criterion posted to their ONC CHPL listing by December 31, 2023.

Attestation and Certification Process:

The ONC requires attestation and certification for the new (b)(10) criterion.  The criterion addition is done as an ACB Certified Product Update, for which the Health IT developer will complete an attestation and certification of the criterion.

When ready to attest and certify to the new (b)(10) criterion, please contact Melissa Rogers at to start the ACB Certified Product Update process.